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Blog IV: A New Hope

As I write this, the question ringing at the back of my mind is: again? I’ve had a provably bad history with blogs. Almost every year since I started blogging, I’ve started a new blog, written for a while, then let it decay to oblivion. “Nice time to mention that”, I hear you say. But since you’ve obviously read past that, I am guessing you are in agreement with my theory of “We all grow up some day, don’t we?”. Except, you never know which.

It’s not like I regret my previous forays into blogging. They’ve been useful, at the least in exploring different blogging services. The first one, a short-lived, secretive blogspot blog (not linked here for the very same reason), serves as a constant reminder of the screwed-up parts of my college life. After being tired of writing just for myself, I started a real blog at What puts Livejournal a cut above the rest is the way they handle the idea of friends and communities. Its simply amazing. If you haven’t tried it ever, you should. I made a lot of new friends there, and generally had a good time. I’ve actually written that blog for over 4 years.


There were two problems though. One, the lack of focus in what I wrote, which eventually turned it into disconnected ramblings. Two, it was still too personal. I remember sharing one of my technology posts with a co-worker who later remarked,”You’re too emotional!”, to an obviously stunned me. Apparently, she found herself hard pressed to explore all the entries I’d tagged personal (to settle scores, her super emotional blog is listed in my blogroll). She isĀ  a great friend now, but it woke me to the need of a blog I can safely share in professional circles.

My first attempt at a more professional blog was It was quite a disaster, to put it mildly. Looking back, it was actually enjoyable in parts. On the whole, however, I think I was trying to imitate the “oracle approach” of techcrunch and the likes. Apparently, the differences between the well connected Mike Arrington supported by an informed staff and a pre final year college student seemed insignificant to me at the moment. I went about happily making predictions about the future of web and computers, till I realized it wasn’t helping anyone.

Which drags us to present day and the present blog. With a bunch of white “blogging” hair on my head, I start this with one aim: to provide a weekly roundup of all the interesting discoveries through the week. Events, people and links from graphic design, film-making, technology and anything else that catches my fancy. I plan to be short and sweet. I want to be regular. I hope to be not boring – at least not all the time. Extended dissertations on life, universe and everything will still land in the livejournal blog. This, will be limited to a short assortment of the interesting trails I follow as I “keep setting forth in the universe”. Welcome aboard!



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